Exibition of Irina and Andrey von Schlippe’s creations “WEARABLE ART – FROM ART NOUVEAU TO PRESENT”
, 14.08.2016

Museum opening hours during Midsummer!
, 13.06.2016

10 June – Art Nouveau World Day
, 31.05.2016

Exhibition “Tulips from Baroque to Art Nouveau”
, 27.04.2016

Exibition of Irina and Andrey von Schlippe’s creations “WEARABLE ART – FROM ART NOUVEAU TO PRESENT”

Irina and Andrey von Schlippe’s creations are the antithesis to fast fashion – wearable art incorporates all values of couture and craftsmanship. It is slow fashion with a strong storytelling character. Each piece is an individual masterpiece by its own. Main inspiration for the collection is the Art Nouveau style. A very distinctive design language that incorporates natural forms, flowers and plants but also Asian elements, curved lines and architectural structure.

“We are lacking elegance and sophistication in the fast pace of our today’s lifestyle” says Andrey. I was inspired by Art Nouveau because it is a very holistic art style embracing architecture, graphic and decorative design including jewelry, furniture and textiles. Art became a way of life – a real lifestyle. The collection tries to revive this feeling by marrying art with fashion.
“The occupation with fashion was as if paintings left a two dimensional state and become somehow alive. The fact that each dress was hand painted made it very personal. Each dress was a little story in itself”. This creative experience led to the choice of Andrey to study stage and costume design at the academy in Munich. “From my work in the theater, costumes always had a special fascination for me.  A single dress in theater is more than a statement – it is an essential part of the story told on stage” added Andrey.
In 1982 Irina von Schlippe had the idea to use hand painted silk for her first dress collection. It is a very smooth, naturally elegant and flattering material and resembles my personal style. The designs were made for independent, strong and sophisticated women who are not afraid to make a statement when they enter a room, says Irina with a smile. The cuts are simple but the drama lies within the stories of the design.
“We are especially happy to show the wearable art collection today at the Museum Riga Art Nouveau center – in the house where my father was born. It feels like the dresses are back in their natural habitat. We hope that the visitors will feel the connection and enjoy the exhibition” says Irina.
It feels like we are closing a cycle – thematically as well as personally – a coming home in many senses.

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